At Momo Streat, we proudly award certificates to our skilled chefs and Franchise owners.

These certificates recognize their dedication, expertise, and commitment to delivering exceptional culinary experiences.

It's a testament to their role in creating the vibrant and flavorful world of Momo Streat.


Tension Free Life For Franchise Better than any Saving Scheme

Guranteed Minimum Monthly Income Plan

EMI Option Available

Can Run without Owner Presense

Mind Blowing Menu

Influencer Driven Marketing - Pan India

Loyalty Program

Post Launch Support


Our mission is to share the joy of momo and Chinese food all over the world. With our great business services and delicious food, we want to bring people together and celebrate their different cultures with every delicious bite. Momo Streat is committed to making an experience that goes beyond borders and makes people feel like they fit everywhere.


Our vision is to empower entrepreneurs by providing a way to create a stable income with minimal risk and a lot of money. Encourage creativity, skill, and a love of good food. Our proven franchising model lets people confidently enter the expanding Fast food sector. We support our franchisees and encourage entrepreneurship.


We hold firm to our core values, which include strict obedience to food safety standards and the promise that every bite will be delicious. Because we never stop caring about quality, you can be sure that every meal will be one you will never forget. We are also very proud of the fact that all of our business deals are open and honest.

Our Leaders


Shyam Sundar Sarda

Founder & CEO


Lachman Chandak



Sumit Singla